1. Choice of clones and rootstock for the International Clone TrialWorking procedures for cocoa germplasm evaluation and selection; proceedings

by Engels, J.M.M; Lass, R.A. eds; Eskes, A.B; Eskes, A.B. -- IPGRI, Roma (Italia) -- CFC/ICCO/IPGRI Project Workshop Working Procedures for Cocoa Germplasm Evaluation and Selection Montpellier (Francia) 1-6 Feb 1998.

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2. Analítica Creation and distribution of a rootstock variety (Coffea canephora) by somatic embryogenesis

by Bertrand, B; Anzueto, F; Morán, M.X; Eskes, A.B; Etienne, H.

Source: Plantations, Recherche, Développement (Francia) Publisher: 2002Availability: No copies available Actions: Add to cart
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