1. Ability of institutions to address new challengesForests and society: responding to global drivers of change

by McDermott, C; McGinley, K; Kengen, S; Sales Medrano, J.S; Puente, M.C; Temu, A.B; Zanetti, E.A; Cashore, B; Galloway, G; Cubbage, F; Humphreys, D; Katila, P; Levin, K; Maryudi, A; Mery, G. (ed.); Katila, P. (ed.); Galloway, G. (ed.); Alfaro, R.I. (ed.); Kanninen, M. (ed.); Lobovikov, M. (ed.); Varjo, J. (ed.). -- IUFRO-WFSE, Helsinski (Finlandia)

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2. Domestication and commercialization of non-timber forest products in agroforestry systems; proceedings

by Leakey, R.R.B; Temu, A.B; Melnyk, M; Vantomme, P. -- FAO, Roma (Italia) -- Internacional Conference on Domestication and Commercialization of Non-Timber Forest Products in Agroforestry Systems Nairobi (Kenia) 19-23 Feb 1996.

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